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The Directorate of EU and Financial Assistance
Ministry of Family,Labor and Social Services

7112.03.2015Technical Assistance for Increasing Adaptability of Employees and Employers with a Social Dialogue Approach (EuropeAid/136558/IH/SER/TR)
7210.03.2015Technical Assistance for Promoting Life Long Learning II (EuropeAid/133551/IH/SER/TR)
7305.03.2015Technical Assistance for Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Model for Provision of Career Services (EuropeAid/136494/IH/SER/TR)
Programme:Human Resources Development Operational Programme
Beneficiary:Trakya Development Agency
Component Type:Services
Tender Type:
Tender Status:Closed
 Award Notice - English
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 Shortlist Notice - English
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 Procurement Notice - English
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 Individual Contract Forecast - English
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7428.02.2015Technical Assistance for Garment Training and Entrepreneurship Initiative (GATE for Women) (EuropeAid/136543/IH/SER/TR)
7528.02.2015Technical Assistance for Capacity Development of Employees and Employers via Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) (EuropeAid/136645/IH/SER/TR)
7628.02.2015Technical Assistance for Improving the MIS of HRD OS (EuropeAid/136370/IH/SER/TR)
7724.02.2015Supply of Equipment for Promoting Social Inclusion in Densely Roma Populated Areas (EuropeAid/134614/IH/SUP/TR)
7810.02.2015Technical Assistance for Improving the Adaptability of Employers and Employees in TR33 Region (EuropeAid/136379/IH/SER/TR)
7905.02.2015Strengthening National Vocational Qualifications System and Implementing the Turkish Qualifications Framework Operation Grant Scheme ((EuropeAid/136735/ID/ACT/TR))
8031.01.2015Technical Assistance for Increasing the Employability of People with Disabilities (EuropeAid/136449/IH/SER/TR)